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When faced with the finality of moving in with my at-the-time girlfriend and her daughter, I faced the fear all single men, but especially single artists face: Will I be that guy that used to have goals and passions but

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The most important app on my phone is without a doubt my “Post-it Note” App. I have an entire screen I swipe to daily with roughly 12 Post-it Notes, all being constantly updated with daily to-do lists, family lists, client

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Ill Communication #6: My Napster Theory

First off, I am not a journalist. I struggle to write and speak cohesively without exploring a hundred tangents on the way. Also, if spellcheck didn’t auto-correct my “i’s and e’s after c” issues, none of this would even be

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2014 Year-In-Review

To be honest, 2014 brought this country a lot of unresolved stress, pain and sadness; a build up of back-breaking straws that have affected not just Ferguson, Cleveland or New York, but all of our communities across the country. In

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Ill Communication #4 “The Neo Moment”

One of the most typical questions you’ll ever hear in a discussion about music is: Who’s your favorite artist? For the sake of simplifying this article, let’s narrow it down to “Who’s your favorite rapper?” It’s an awesome question, one

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Ill Communication #3: “DISRUPTxINNOVATE”

This past Summer I went on a Steve Jobs everything-binge, watching any interview I could via Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. Oddly enough, my interest in tech company innovations has surpassed that of musical innovations, and Apple was a great place

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Ill Communication #2 “Mountains are Mountains”

Very early on in grade school, I used to record old Rap City episodes on VHS and play them back all the time. I started with Prince Dejour’s top 10 Saturday countdown, ran through the Joe Clair/Big Lez tenure, and

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