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When faced with the finality of moving in with my at-the-time girlfriend and her daughter, I faced the fear all single men, but especially single artists face: Will I be that guy that used to have goals and passions but

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The most important app on my phone is without a doubt my “Post-it Note” App. I have an entire screen I swipe to daily with roughly 12 Post-it Notes, all being constantly updated with daily to-do lists, family lists, client

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Ill Communication: “Catch Me If You Can”

    A couple months ago I received an email from my friends at SoundCloud, notifying me that one of my songs had been flagged for copyright violation and removed from my page. The email listed what song they believe

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“The Hip-Hop Unseen” Read-In-Full

  …Kinda like “Paid-In-Full”….or not. Ok. Since I’ve retired this column, and the last one got such an amazing response, I figured I’d like to present a link to every column written over the past couple years. Start at the

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Citybeat Column # 20 “Life After Death”

One Final CityBeat Column: Enjoy and Farewell to my journalism career:)

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Citybeat Column: The Hip-Hop (Un)Scene #19 “Ready to Die”

My (second to last) Citybeat Column. When I wrote it, I thought it would be my last. But a couple days ago, I wrote the actual finale. So here goes part 1:

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Citybeat Column: The Hip-Hop (Un)Scene #13 “Greatest Hits”

New Citybeat Column CLICK HERE For Full Article

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