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If you’re visiting this site for the first time, sorry for making you visit a site that hasn’t been updated too often.

All of my my (and my team’s) new music, content, updates, shows and news are currently posted HERE on our Definition Music blog. I use this site to post my “Ill Communication” columns (which can also be found there as well).

Some other ways to keep up with me:

First, I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram (way too much, probably). My discography is available in full on Bandcamp with updates on SoundCloud too (also, look me up on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc). My videos are available on both my YouTube channel and my VEVO channel as well.

Our platform Definition Music is probably the best way to learn about both myself, our team, and…well everything, really. You can view the site HERE or again, view the very actively updated blog HERE.

I own and run a graphic + sound company named SoundRzn. You can learn about the company and view or listen to my portfolio HERE. If you dig what I do and would like some of these services for yourself or your business, this is the place to go.

Lastly, all of the above is fueled by the amazing VoiceOfRzn Management & Consulting. If you’d like to learn more about VOR, check HERE.

For now, I’ll keep dropping off random “Ill Communication” columns on this site until I officially get the time to strip it all down and make it look all pretty and new.

Thanks for checking me out.

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New Song “Pilot License” Ill Poetic x Gradient Prophet

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this site, so I figured I’d drop a new song off.

My dude Gradient Prophet made a really cold beat and I wrote a verse that turned out to be a personal favorite for me. A random stream of thoughts that make sense if you ride them out. Enjoy some spacey, lo-fi/sci-fi, Midwest Winter, Stream-of-Consciousness emcee ish that at one point this was going to open my ‘Synesthesia Blue EP’ (didn’t quite fit).

Enjoy the song below, and as always if you dig, PLEASE SHARE!

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Announcement: I’m Launching a Sound & Visual Company

A few months ago,  I wrote up a column detailing my life since moving to California a year ago. I mentioned a few announcements that would be taking place soon after. So, today I’d like to announce the public launch of my company SoundRzn Graphic & Sound-Design. This company has been in effect for a while now, but since Cali has afforded me the chance to push this company further that I’d expected, I figured I’d take a brief sec to explain how it came to be, what it does, and drop some free music off in the process. Enjoy the Press Release below.

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One Year in California


A few days ago my family & I approached the one year anniversary of our move to California from Ohio. So I figured I’d give everyone a quick update on what I’ve been up to these past 365 days. Here goes:

First off, I’ve finished my new album. My last record was 2012’s “Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement” EP, though this new LP is more of a follow-up to my albums “Illumination” and“The World is Ours”. We’ll be putting a final mix on it next month back in Ohio then mastering back in Cali. In addition, my “Silhouette” video (of which we crowdfunded for in 2013) has turned into a very special project within itself. I’m excited to present that to you as well, specifically my Ohio people.

Since being out here, I’ve begun helping my dude DJ Inform run his record shop, Beatbox Records. Needless to say, I come up on so much obscure amazing music now. It’s definitely shaping my sound for upcoming projects. I’ve also become heavily involved with the creative center that houses this record shop, called ThChrch. One of the biggest curve balls in coming out here is landing in such an organic creative space that’s built and open to its community. It actually feels a lot like Cincinnati, and ties my excitement and dedication to having nurturing spaces like this available everywhere. Being out here has helped me care about Ohio even more. I’m proud and excited to not only be a part of an amazing team of people here, but to formally have our management & consulting company, VoiceOfRzn involved as well. We’ll be announcing details on this soon.

My time at this center and out here PERIOD has really forced me to develop my self-owned company SoundRzn Graphic & Sound-Design at a much greater level. I’ll be debuting my brand new website and portfolio later this summer. This company plays a major part in funding my projects as ‘ill poetic’, so I’m excited to see it grow.

Finally, we’ll be setting a lot of this off with an official Definition Music label re-launch. For those who are unaware, my discography has been released either solely or in partnership with our label Definition Music. Many other artists have contributed releases to this platform as well. We’re expanding to include indie films among our album releases within the coming year.

So that’s all. No links to songs or albums yet. I’ve been quiet on a public front but working feverishly in the background on all of these projects. If you’ve ever downloaded a song, been to a show, or even just hung out with me and didn’t think I was a dick; Please reply with a quick comment letting me know. I’m a grassroots dude. I don’t like generic spam. I like genuine conversation and connection. If you want me to keep you updated on these projects just let me know. If not, let me know too. I want to connect these projects to people who have an interest in them. I don’t like imposing.

This has been my first year in California. I cannot WAIT to see what the second year brings, for better or for worse. My family & I love it out here.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to stay updated as everything unwraps, please add your email via the form right below this sentence. And as always, please support by sharing and commenting.

Ill Po

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2014 Year-In-Review

To be honest, 2014 brought this country a lot of unresolved stress, pain and sadness; a build up of back-breaking straws that have affected not just Ferguson, Cleveland or New York, but all of our communities across the country.

In the wake of the frustration and momentum of protests, album releases and local show recaps feel trivial. But for us, these releases and events allow opportunities within our community to share in each other’s talents, energy and presence. A chance for us to become inspired and healed by each other’s words, sounds and movements. When the rest of the world tells our artist community we should ‘sound more like…’, we instead take pride in our local melting pot and continue to push for it’s evolution and progress.

We are VoiceOfRzn Management & Definition Music; a partnership between a management & event promotion company and globally distributed local indie label. Since our inception, we’ve always worked to keep a strong foundation within our communities, at a very real, non-BS level. The events of 2014 are the perfect example of why we feel this is so necessary. So (as we do every year), please take a second to read up on what we’ve been up to in 2014 and into the future.

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Ohio Soul Singer Sheldon Whiteside To Release Debut EP On Definition Music

“We used to wake up every morning to my father’s gospel music” explains Columbus, OH native Sheldon Whiteside. “He would make us pancakes and we’d listen to (gospel singer) Daryl Coley until it was time to go to church.” Though Coley gave Sheldon the blueprint for understanding timing and pockets, it wasn’t until he snuck a listen to his first secular album, Carl Thomas’s “Emotional” that Sheldon Whiteside knew a career in music would be an inevitability. Inspired by the movement and timing of Thomas’s vocals as well as his simple but calculated natural tones, Sheldon took the leap as a singer/songwriter into the world of Soul and R&B.

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Vevo Premiere: Ill Poetic “Hourglass” Video

If you’ve ever wondered what my shows (with DJ or with bands) encompass, this video is for you. If you’ve never actually wondered this thought, this video is still for you.

We go the fuck in and we have been for a minute now. As we build up for the shoot & presentation of the “Silhouette” short film, we’d like to give everyone one last surprise video from my “Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement” EP.

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Corner Sessions Presents: Ill Poetic “Pretzel Logic” (Acoustic Performance)

Live at Brothers Drake Meadery in Columbus, OH, “Corner Sessions” presents an acoustic performance of my song “Pretzel Logic” backed by my band.

“Pretzel Logic” is available as a bonus track on Ill Poetic’s EP “Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement”

Purchase the EP HERE

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“Stack The Deck” @ Troubadour // Friday October 10, 2014

VoiceOfRzn & myself are proud to announce our next installment of “Stack The Deck” at the Troubadour PAC (formerly the Troubadour Club).

As you all know, this evening consists of 2 floors of multi-genre top-tier musical entertainment. This installment brings you a dose of blues, house, funk, soul & hip-hop among others.

We’ll be shooting pieces for the “Silhouette” short film at this event as well as documenting the entire evening with our partner David Damen. Additionally, this show acts as my official going away party, as my family & I have made the move out to California. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and giving a final goodbye performance with the band.

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Ill Communication #4 “The Neo Moment”

One of the most typical questions you’ll ever hear in a discussion about music is: Who’s your favorite artist? For the sake of simplifying this article, let’s narrow it down to “Who’s your favorite rapper?” It’s an awesome question, one of my main reasons for learning how to converse with humans over the past 15 years. If we’re not talking about whom our favorite emcees are and why, we probably don’t need to be talking in the first place.

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