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If you’re visiting this site for the first time, sorry for making you visit a site that hasn’t been updated too often.

All of my my (and my team’s) new music, content, updates, shows and news are currently posted HERE on our Definition Music blog. I use this site to post my “Ill Communication” columns (which can also be found there as well).

Some other ways to keep up with me:

First, I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram (way too much, probably). My discography is available in full on Bandcamp with updates on SoundCloud too (also, look me up on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc). My videos are available on both my YouTube channel and my VEVO channel as well.

Our platform Definition Music is probably the best way to learn about both myself, our team, and…well everything, really. You can view the site HERE or again, view the very actively updated blog HERE.

I own and run a graphic + sound company named SoundRzn. You can learn about the company and view or listen to my portfolio HERE. If you dig what I do and would like some of these services for yourself or your business, this is the place to go.

Lastly, all of the above is fueled by the amazing VoiceOfRzn Management & Consulting. If you’d like to learn more about VOR, check HERE.

For now, I’ll keep dropping off random “Ill Communication” columns on this site until I officially get the time to strip it all down and make it look all pretty and new.

Thanks for checking me out.

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You may recognize Ohio artist HuntorPrey from his 2013 debut, “The Motion Sound Picture”, a breakthrough project filled with cinematic stories of blue collar living inspired by his time living in Cincinnati as well as native Toledo, Ohio. Since the release, not only has Hunter carved a name for himself in the midwest live performance and slam circuits, he’s become an inspiring and necessary voice and activist in his local community; from assisting in support to the Flint Water Crisis to speaking at local BLM protests. On December 16th, HuntorPrey will return to his craft with the release of his newest project, the riveting “Running Man” EP, produced entirely by Ill Poetic, via Definition Music.

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Ill Poetic “By Any Memes Necessary”

I can’t wait to come back to Cincinnati and see all of you beyond this laptop screen. Especially with this amazing show + line-up. In celebration, I wanted to debut a new song. I love doing it live with the band, so I figured I’d actually release it.
‘By Any Memes Necessary’

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Red Pill “Instinctive Drowning” Video + Album Stream

Today we’re debuting the video to Red Pill‘s title track “Instinctive Drowning”. The song is produced by myself, the video directed by my partner Ason Intrigue (who you may know from my videos to “Gone”, “Silhouette”, “Numb”, etc).

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Ill Poetic “Silhouette” Video Debut @ VEVO // Free EP DOWNLOAD

Today we are proud to present the debut of my new video “Silhouette” on Vevo. Not only has this video been years in the making, it was partially funded by many of you reading this. This song, this video, and this project was made in dedication to our entire Ohio Music Scene as well as the legacy of our #OhioFunk forefathers. I hope we did you guys justice. We worked our asses off on this, if you like it, share it, support it, do whatever. I’ll even make it easy for you:
In celebration of this long-awaited (by us at least) release, I’m offering my new EP “The Silhouette Project” ABSOLUTELY FREE ALL WEEK LONG RIGHT HERE!

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Red Pill “Instinctive Drowning” LP (Produced by Ill Poetic) on MMG 8/26 + New Single

ID Pic

I’m VERY excited to finally announce:

Red Pill “Instinctive Drowning” produced entirely by myself // August 26th on Mello Music Group

Today, we’re debuting the first single “Fuck Your Ambition” featuring Doomtree’s very own P.O.S

Pre-Order at:


Ill Poetic “The Silhouette Project” EP Available Today



I’m proud to finally present “The Silhouette Project” EP

The project is available on all streaming + downloading platforms, though I suggest hitting up my Bandcamp Page first, as you can purchase the EP for only $3.99 and  receive all the instrumentals and 2 bonus cuts with your purchase.

Soundcloud | Bandcamp |  iTunes Amazon Spotify

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When faced with the finality of moving in with my at-the-time girlfriend and her daughter, I faced the fear all single men, but especially single artists face: Will I be that guy that used to have goals and passions but now I’m not allowed to have them anymore because I have a family and a new set of responsibilities? This is a very real fear, and even after I made the big move, this fear moved right in with me reminding me that I was destined to fall off and become a music-hobbyist with a ‘real job’. Yes, this shit was thoroughly terrifying to me.

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The most important app on my phone is without a doubt my “Post-it Note” App. I have an entire screen I swipe to daily with roughly 12 Post-it Notes, all being constantly updated with daily to-do lists, family lists, client work, label work, record shop and various projects I’m involved with. Not to mention random lines and musical ideas. My life mostly revolves around this screen.

Last year, I added 2 specific items to my list that I have yet to take off and ideally, never will. I wrote both of them in all caps: EXECUTION and CONSISTENCY.

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Ill Communication #6: My Napster Theory


First off, I am not a journalist. I struggle to write and speak cohesively without exploring a hundred tangents on the way. Also, if spellcheck didn’t auto-correct my “i’s and e’s after c” issues, none of this would even be legible. But I’ve been sitting on this idea for months, having conversations with folks at the record shop as as well online and watching their mind blow open. So I figured It was worth it to put this idea out there into the universe a bit more formally and see where it may end up. So if you, the person reading this, find your mind being blown by the following hypothesis, I’d invite you to share either this article or the idea behind it with someone who could do something productive with it. Because I am not that person. But I digress (see? again with the tangents). Here goes:

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