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Ill Poetic “By Any Memes Necessary”

I can’t wait to come back to Cincinnati and see all of you beyond this laptop screen. Especially with this amazing show + line-up. In celebration, I wanted to debut a new song. I love doing it live with the

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When faced with the finality of moving in with my at-the-time girlfriend and her daughter, I faced the fear all single men, but especially single artists face: Will I be that guy that used to have goals and passions but

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Ill Communication #6: My Napster Theory

First off, I am not a journalist. I struggle to write and speak cohesively without exploring a hundred tangents on the way. Also, if spellcheck didn’t auto-correct my “i’s and e’s after c” issues, none of this would even be

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Ill Communication #4 “The Neo Moment”

One of the most typical questions you’ll ever hear in a discussion about music is: Who’s your favorite artist? For the sake of simplifying this article, let’s narrow it down to “Who’s your favorite rapper?” It’s an awesome question, one

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A Part of the Art: The “Silhouette” Project

Ill Poetic – Silhouette from David S Foulk on Vimeo. Last October, we released my most recent EP, “Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement”. For those of you who’ve checked it, shared it, come to shows, told your friends, THANK YOU. You

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It’s A Shame: RIP Chris Kelly

Kris Kross is the reason I rap. Easily. I don’t know too many people in my age range that CAN’T cite them as a major influence. They were just a little older than me and I and my friends idolized

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Frank Ocean “Channel Orange” & Synesthesia

Everyone has and will continue to write about Frank Ocean’s sexuality and it’s affect on Urban Music and his record sales. None of which I really care about that much. I mean, I care, and I’m really proud of Frank.

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Kathy Wilson “(Not) Your Negro Tour Guide” Back at Citybeat

In keeping with the Cincinnati nostalgia run we’ve been on with the “Gone” video, I had to post this. For anyone who used to read Citybeat in the 2000’s, you may remember a column titled “Your Negro Tour Guide”. Written

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“A Piece of our Soul in the Road” (A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the making of “Gone”)

A couple weeks ago, we premiered the video to my song “Gone” on The response we received for the song & video was more than I could’ve hoped for. I got so many phone calls, texts, FB messages, blog

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“Gone” Official Video

Nearly a year in the making, here is the official video to “Gone”, directed by David Damen// of Arris Productions & Walter Nini, and Premiering through my friends over at Citybeat. This is the first definitive release for my new EP

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