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Ill Communication #6: My Napster Theory

First off, I am not a journalist. I struggle to write and speak cohesively without exploring a hundred tangents on the way. Also, if spellcheck didn’t auto-correct my “i’s and e’s after c” issues, none of this would even be

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A Part of the Art: The “Silhouette” Project

Ill Poetic – Silhouette from David S Foulk on Vimeo. Last October, we released my most recent EP, “Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement”. For those of you who’ve checked it, shared it, come to shows, told your friends, THANK YOU. You

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The Internal Battle of Selling My Art aka Death of A Salesman

I usually don’t post specials on production and verses on my website, but I find myself with an open 2 weeks and a lot of creative energy at the moment. Now. A quick history of why it’s taken me so

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Jay-Z x Warren Buffet “Forbes 400 Summit” Interview

This is a great sit-down and a great way to spend 52 minutes. I advise watching all of this. Lots of jewels in this interview. Please imbed and post or share the link to this video. Pick up the issue

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