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When faced with the finality of moving in with my at-the-time girlfriend and her daughter, I faced the fear all single men, but especially single artists face: Will I be that guy that used to have goals and passions but

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2014 Year-In-Review

To be honest, 2014 brought this country a lot of unresolved stress, pain and sadness; a build up of back-breaking straws that have affected not just Ferguson, Cleveland or New York, but all of our communities across the country. In

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Ill Communication #4 “The Neo Moment”

One of the most typical questions you’ll ever hear in a discussion about music is: Who’s your favorite artist? For the sake of simplifying this article, let’s narrow it down to “Who’s your favorite rapper?” It’s an awesome question, one

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Ill Communication #3: “DISRUPTxINNOVATE”

This past Summer I went on a Steve Jobs everything-binge, watching any interview I could via Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. Oddly enough, my interest in tech company innovations has surpassed that of musical innovations, and Apple was a great place

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Ill Communication #2 “Mountains are Mountains”

Very early on in grade school, I used to record old Rap City episodes on VHS and play them back all the time. I started with Prince Dejour’s top 10 Saturday countdown, ran through the Joe Clair/Big Lez tenure, and

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Ill Communication: “Catch Me If You Can”

    A couple months ago I received an email from my friends at SoundCloud, notifying me that one of my songs had been flagged for copyright violation and removed from my page. The email listed what song they believe

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The Miseducation of Central State University

My name is Tim Gmeiner. Those of you who read my blog know me as “Ill Poetic”, a Hip-Hop artist based out of Cincinnati & Columbus, Ohio. Over the past 4 years, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to pursue my

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