Ill Poetic “Silhouette” Video Debut @ VEVO // Free EP DOWNLOAD

Today we are proud to present the debut of my new video “Silhouette” on Vevo. Not only has this video been years in the making, it was partially funded by many of you reading this. This song, this video, and this project was made in dedication to our entire Ohio Music Scene as well as the legacy of our #OhioFunk forefathers. I hope we did you guys justice. We worked our asses off on this, if you like it, share it, support it, do whatever. I’ll even make it easy for you:
In celebration of this long-awaited (by us at least) release, I’m offering my new EP “The Silhouette Project” ABSOLUTELY FREE ALL WEEK LONG RIGHT HERE!

I want to take time out to shout some people out on this one, because this video became way more than just a video to a lot of us. So bear with me. First off, my visual partner Danny Rogers & I started brainstorming this video the first day we ever hung out, back in 2011. Everything we’ve done together (from my “Gone” & “Numb” videos, to his short films) have been building blocks for us to get to this point. We spent months just in drawing the animation sequence at the beginning of the video alone. This video produced a best friend in Danny that I’d never really expected to have. It feels good to achieve such a long-term goal with someone, it creates a really unique bond that I’m thankful to have with him.
Thank you to Micshon Harper who helped create our entire crowd-funding campaign a couple years back with Indiegogo as well as throwing some funds in there as well from his personal account (sorry Jamica, it wasn’t much I promise). This video is a really important moment for VoiceOfRzn Management & Consulting (our management company) as well.
Thanks to Huntor Prey, Ryan Bobo Beck and Definition Music LLC for the constant brainstorming sessions and ideas. Thanks to Shahidah for not getting *that* mad that we didn’t cast her as the lead in the video. Thank you to Keenan Parry for the fantastic visual EFX, animations, and for working so hard near the crunch time to pull this off. Thanks to our video’s star Quiana Tenise for walking up the Used Kids Records stairs no less than 30 times for one shot. Speaking of which, thank you again to Used Kids for letting us stay late to get our final shots, pushing a band’s in-store performance back a bit. Thank you to Troubadour Performing Art Center for letting us use their establishment (my favorite place forever). Thanks to Angela Makeever, Chelsea Anders, Julian Cicone for all your work on that insane weekend. Thank you to my band Carlos Fisher, Jay Bybo Stevens, Alex Schrock & Jeffro Jam for coming out to the shoot and staying extra late at The Troubadour. Thanks to Blueprint for the live footage of our Columbus show this past spring which we got to use in here.
Thank you to all our Indiegogo Contributors (your names are listed in the credits on the video as well)
RIP Marshall Jones
Thank you to the Columbus Live Music scene. Thank you to the Cincinnati hip-hop Scene. Thank you to the Ohio Music Scene period. This video is my dedication to all of you guys. I’m not a huge artist, my videos don’t get millions of views my masses. I mostly hear back from other artists about my art inspiring them to create and push forward. If that’s the role I’m supposed to play, I’ll play it. So this video is for you guys. For genuine fans of music; men and especially women.
I’m forgetting people. Sorry, it’s been a long ride to get here. Forgive me. Enjoy.

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